Since 2006, customers have enjoyed Kurt Seastead's quality craftsmanship, design, and great prices.

Kurt is one of the most respected contractors around, just ask to speak with some of his customers or become one, today.


About Kurt:

Kurt Seastead, has 30 years of experience in all facets of building and remodeling. He learned his carpentry skills working as a trim carpenter and doing “punch-out” for a builder of high-end homes in the Greater D.C. Area. He soon became a supervisor and with additional experience in design and estimating, he then worked for builders such as NV Homes, Williamsburg Builders, Patriot Homes and Lennar. Kurt worked in both production and salesand has a great understanding of construction materials and methods.  In addition, he deeply understands his customer's needs.  It's those skills that lead him to creating Seastead Building & Remodeling LLC and with the pride he puts in his work he wants to put his name behind each job.

Kurt is married with two children. He has owned and remodeled several of his own homes, creating significant value on each one.  He is also a volunteer firefighter and has been recognized for his contributions to the fire department and community.

Kurt is ready to meet you and discuss your project.  Reach out to Kurt directly at (540) 903-7661.